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Work, life and things in between – Day 98 – Being merry!

Work, life and things in between – Day 98 – Being merry!

My daughter dropped me off at the airport for my 11 am flight to Montreal.  With the price of gas these days, it is a treat to drive to the airport when you realize that the sky train will take you there for $3.  But a treat it was.

I was flying business class again.  This Super Elite status is a ball!  I felt spoiled and I loved it.

I meant to work on the flight but instead, I ate, sipped wine and watched the movie!  Pretty close to being merry I would say.

Six months into my sabbatical and I was only then feeling like I could take three hours on the flight and watch a movie instead of “getting ahead”.  How wired do you have to be to still be unwinding after all that time?

Scary thought….and the most upsetting part was that I would have denied being wired….I would have said I was simply busy and eager to “do my job”!

This raised the question: “What else is out there that I don’t see?”

What other self-destructive patterns am I engaged in that I don’t see? Being too busy all the time to make it to the gym? Having so tight a schedule that I can’t indulge in two more chapters of my book?  Being so driven that ticking things off my list is more satisfying than calling my friends?

Actually, as my former Boss so wisely said, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” So, on that logic, I could not tell except that when you accidentally stumble upon such a behavior, or better yet, when you are successful at digging one out from under all the pretending, you recognize it easily!

Like looking at your face in the mirror, the morning of a hang-over! Undeniable!

Tem was at the arrival terminal.  As always, he picked me up at the airport and as always we got home to pop the proverbial “bubbly”.  This is a tradition we started for ourselves.

I bet if Air Canada got a hold of this tradition they could make it a trendy commercial… “You never know where your flight will lead you….” On second thought…this may not be all that smart!  Most people will want to know where the flight will take them….

Just a thought! To day 99.