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Work, life and things in between – Day 97 – A white canvas!

Work, life and things in between – Day 97 – A white canvas!

Sipping my morning coffee:  My favorite time of the day.  I love being up early and watching the city wake up slowly although at that time it was still under the covers.

As I was getting ready to leave to catch the 7 am ferry to Vancouver Island I remembered my daughter saying something about hurricane type winds being forecasted…so, I checked the weather channel and that was a good thing.  It appeared that the entire island of Vancouver was surrounded by major winds and bad weather. Long story short, the 7 am ferry was cancelled and so were the 9 and 11 am.!

5.30 am.  I crawled back into bed with my earrings on, lipstick on my face and a whole mug of coffee making its way down to my bladder.

Nice try, but it did not work.

I got up again. In a way it was a luxury to have all this time just freed up.  Of course, my brain immediately stepped in and filled that white space with everything it wanted to do: prepare income tax filing, read coaching material, write, go to the gym to get a personalized training program, find a piano teacher…it was like hitting the shops with no limits on your credit card.

Instead, I did something I so rarely do.  I calmed down.  I curled up on the couch with a good book and read it cover to cover.  The topic? masterful coaching.

I put the book down and looked out to the mountains.  I hardly saw them today for the clouds that were rolling in and out.

My team told me to let my head make room for my heart…..I was just thinking…did that mean that if I could quiet my mind then they could hear my heart?….so, if I applied the same principle to coaching, then if I could find a way to settle my insecure mind (about how I conduct the coaching session) then I could speak from the heart?  would that be a good thing?

All these things you have to learn all over again….keeping in mind that this is a white canvas and not a black hole is taking on a whole new meaning! To day 98.