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Hear the buzz about coaching?

Hear the buzz about coaching?

Some people I meet get nervous around coaching.  They say it’s just another trend .  Luckily, there are fewer and fewer of those around. The vast majority are intrigued.  They can see that more and more organizations and individuals turn to coaching as a means for professional development leading to personal and organizational performance.  What else gives you such focused result?

The International Coach Federation released a report earlier this spring stating some very interesting data:  Namely that coaching is on the rise worldwide, despite the difficult economic times found in most regions.  Europe is the region where professional coaching is the most prevalent with 41.8% of all coaches, followed closely by North America with 35.7%.  Total revenues from these respective areas alone are $828M (CAD) and $707M.  Interestingly enough, Asia and Latin America are the regions where the demands for professional coaching are increasing the most. Overall, 60% of all coaches surveyed reported an increase in their number of clients, and revenue, over last year.

This is good news for everybody.

Why is it increasingly popular? Well, for starters, resources are scarce, budgets are tight, competition is global, operations are 24/7, demographics work against you, technology is on steroids, stock markets are volatile and the economy is one of your many wild cards.  Once this is dealt with, what you thought you would be working on yesterday just changed on you. C’est la vie!

So, a mature, senior, experienced partner whose hair is not on fire because she is not in the midst of all of this, who can help you deal with what is on your plate here and now, makes a difference.  It makes for a better today and an even better tomorrow.

Are you working on your future or are you just barely handling today’s issues?